Frequently Asked Questions about TR


Q: How long does it take?   

A: It will take from 4 to 6 hours. Factors affecting time are: type, length, condition of hair and how many stylists are going to be working on it.

Q: Is it permanent?  
A: Yes, hair that has been treated will stay straight. So when the roots start growing back, you may want to do a retouch. 
(swimming in heavily chlorinated pools may cause hair to revert back)

Q: When will I need to do a retouch? 
A: It depends on the type of curl/wave and the length.
If your hair is very curly, you may want to do the roots in 4 or 5 months. If your hair is only slightly wavy, you may be alright for about 1 year(provided you don't cut it short). The longer you keep your hair, the better it will be if you don't want to do it often. The length helps pull the roots straighter with weight when it starts to grow back.

Q: Will a retouch be cheaper and faster?   
A: No not usually. A retouch is actually more difficult to do because of the risk of damage to the previously done hair. Treatments must be used before during and after.

Q: Will my hair really be better and healthier after the treatment?
A: If performed properly with excellent products, it should seem healthier for a couple of months. But because it is a permanent procedure done with chemicals, it will actually be a little more damaged than before. But with using a good shampoo, treatment and leave in treatment, your hair will be just fine.

Q: Can I have it done if I had Hi-lights or a relaxer done? 
A: Yes usually. Hair that has been hi-lighted is very different (damaged) compared with virgin hair, so it can be difficult. Sometimes it will not work on hair that is too damaged. But we will know at the consultation. We are experienced with many different systems (weakest -strongest), so after the consultation, we can choose the appropriate products and procedure for your case.

Q: Can I color or perm my hair before or after having it done? 
A: Yes, you can color your hair. If you want to lighten your natural color a little, you can do that first. Or if you want to darken it with a true semi-permanent, we would usually advise it for after. It really depends on the situation. We do not recommend Hi-lights(with bleach) after this procedure, as it could be very damaging. Also you should not attempt to perm it with regular North American solutions, as it will be very damaging. Only special solutions from Japan can be used after this treatment.

Q: Will all my hair fall out or break off at the roots? 
A: Not if you have an experienced and properly trained stylist perform it for you. Taro has 12 years of Hair Straightening/TR experience. Also you can have a free consultation so that you and we could make sure that everything is fine with your hair.

Q: After the procedure, what do I have to do? 
A: The hair should not be washed for about 48 hours. And it should be kept as straight as possible for about 5 -7 days. Good shampoo, treatments/conditioners and leave in treatments/conditioners should be used. We also carry the best hair care products from Japan for after this treatment. Please feel free to ask/contact us if you are interested.