Makeup Line

SPICE CREAM - Freeze Wax 

Extreme hold while still soft to the touch.        

35g $25


SPICE CREAM - Shining Straight

Restore a healthy natural shine to dull,dry damaged hair.

35g  $25    /    100g  $40  



Shape and hold large, soft waves without stiffness. Wavy Softener moisturize.

35g $25    /    100g  $40


 Create flexible texure and ends with movement.    

 35g  $25    /    100g  $40


Spice Form - Super    

Strong holding power gives maximum control without making hair feeling hard. 

160g  $35   



Clearly define soft waves or layers, yet maintain movement with strong setting power.   

160g  $35  



Simplify styling for texture and piecing.

160g  $35



Spice Form - Shining

Tames and holds down fly-away hair, gives shine to permed hair, great for blowing straight hair.

160g  $35


Loretta Make Up Wax 2.5

Light finishing touch with airy softness. Best for natural hair styling without overly done look.

65g  $40

Loretta Make Up Wax 4.0

The right lightness of holding power creates the bouncy movement. Enjoy desired waves and texture all day. 

65g  $40   


B:OCE Wavy Softner 

Creates airy soft big waves.
Contains strawberry extract

250ml/ $25


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