Price List

Women's Haircut                          $60~70  
Men's Haircut $50~60 


Children's Haircut $30 (12 & under)        


Basic Tint                                                      $70~$100 


Hi-lights   $80~$200  
Colour Correction $160~  



Air Wave Perm

$170~$280 (Newest Japanese technology)   
Perm                                               $120 ~ $180 (Japanese)  
Relaxer                                           $250~$350 (Japanese)  
      *Haircut is included with all perms and relaxers.
Hair Treatment                                 $70~$90 (Japanese)   
  (for damaged hair)    




Shampoo                                        $20~$30  
Blow Dry / Flat Iron / Curling Iron  $40~$50  
Japanese Hair Straightning,
TR, Rebonding                                        $450~$580

* dry-off is included with every service* 


*Only the highest quality Japanese products are used for all of the perms,relaxers, straightenings, treatments and shampoos.

Most of the colors are also Japanese.  Sometimes we use color from Germany or Holland.